Leverage your skill-set and experience and explore a career with the SITCO Group.

If you are looking for a challenging assignment with great opportunities for learning and growth career wise in a leading Group, then look no further.  Sitco Group of Company is the right place and suitable firm for you.”

The Sitco Group of Companies is an equal opportunity employer, with numerous growth prospects, seeking to attract the highest caliber and best qualified staff. Learning opportunities are plenty. Sitco values its people and there is a strong focus on empowerment. The sky is the limit here in terms of learning and growth.
The diversity of Sitco’s business enables employees to learn a lot about different ways of doing business and to understand more about the basics of various kinds of job to work with.
Our benefit packages offered are attractive & competitive in comparison with the top firms in Kuwait. We are particularly interested in individuals with skills in commerce, marketing, F & B Services, Kuwait Media & PR, Information Management & Network Computer Skills, Financial Management, procurement, architecture & building maintenance.